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Frigid Northern island that's home to the native Krampus people and the demi-god Titan.
Area Details
Full Map
Screen 16
Screen 16
Poem Half B
Screen 15
Screen 15
Screen 10 Screen 14 Screen 6
Screen 10
Blood Hawk Feather B
Screen 14
Fryste Bomb B
Ice Berry A
Ice Shard C
Afterlife Screen 6
Classified Documents (Exile)
Yeti Claw B
Screen 9 Screen 13 Screen 11 Screen 12 Screen 5
Screen 9
Ice Crystal A
Screen 13
Ice Berry Branch B
Yeti Containment Unit C
Screen 11
Fryste Bomb A
Ice Berry B
Ice Berry Branch C
Screen 12
Bushel of Lute Berries
Screen 5
Fryste Bomb C
Yeti Claw A
Screen 8 Screen 7 Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4
Screen 8
Blood Hawk Feather A
Classified Documents (Legion)
Ice Shard B
Titan's Mug Piece 1
Yeti Containment Unit B
Screen 7
Ice Crystal B
Ice Shard A
Screen 2
Ice Berry Branch A
Screen 3
Empty Yeti Container
Screen 4
Ice Berry C
Screen 1
Screen 1
Yeti Containment Unit A