A Shadow on the Horizon

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A Shadow on the Horizon
Event Mission
Avatar GodofWar.png
Location: God of War (Wasteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Zedmyr 1 times.
Reward: 2000 Credits
Mission Chain: The Hundred-Year Curse Epilogue
Agent of Chaos > Trouble at Sea > Mandate of Heaven > A Shadow on the Horizon > Mind of Steel
Mission Text
Before Completion
This Zedmyr seems intent on creating an underworld empire. For peace, he says, but he'll need to fight to secure that. That truly is the richest irony. In Delta V's long and bloody history, hundreds of thousands have gone to war for precisely that - peace. How many of them gave up on their dreams? How many of them fell in battle? How many of them succeeded for a few years, before destroying everything with their own hands? Every one of them, without exception, failed in one way or another. Zedmyr will be no different. But as long as he is foolish enough to think otherwise, he will be easy to manipulate. Defeat Zedmyr in battle so that I may probe his mind.
After Completion
Like Nightwraith, Zedmyr is steadfast in his will. Unlike Nightwraith, his will happens to coincide with mine. He is too crafty and disciplined to act as quickly as I would like, but with my subliminal suggestions, he will surely act on his imperial ambitions when the time is right. While I cannot control him, I can push him to serve our common interests. The war between Legion and Exile may soon be the last thing on mortal minds...