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Holiday Gift Giving Competition is an annual event that occurs around the month of December. For the duration of the event, players may claim one free gift per day from the gifting interface that may contain equipment, house items, an Arcade Token, or Credits, and earn an Ultra-Rare evolving achievement based on the number of gifts claimed during the event.

During the event, players can use the gifting interface or the slash command /buygift325varium to give themselves and every other player in the room a Gift for 325 Varium. The room cap was increased from 130 to 150 in 2018, to 175 in 2019, and finally to 200 in 2021 before being removed the same year.

Each gift given within 90 seconds of the previous one increases your Gifting Streak. During a Gifting Streak, there is a chance to give out a Global Gift (max. 20%) during each normal gift, which is an additional gift given to every player on the server. The chance to give out a Global Gift increases at 15, 30, 45, 70, 100, 150 and 200 gifts given on a streak.

Ultra-Rare evolving achievements are awarded to the gifter based on the number of gifts given and highest Gifting Streak obtained during the event.

Gifts given by players are delivered by in-game mail and may contain Credits, Arcade Tokens, armors, weapons, Skill Cores and special Mission items. A comprehensive list of the possible prizes available in the Gift prize pool from year to year can be found here. Items obtained through gifting can be sold for 1000 credits. The /open100gifts slash command can be used to make opening gifts easier.

Yearly Leaderboard

In the gifting interface, there is a leaderboard for the players who gave the most gifts over the course of that year's event.

Until 2017, the leaderboard displayed the top 10 overall gifters. Then, each player finishing on the leaderboard received an Ultra-Rare unique mount and the first place gifter was awarded an Ultra-Rare item taken from a developer's account.

Starting in 2018, the leaderboard was increased to display the top 15 gifters. Each player finishing on this leaderboard receives an Epic Wish, a custom item created within the limitations outlined by the developers that year. In addition to the Epic Wish, the first place winner is given the opportunity to create a completely custom item with prize code replicas.

Starting in 2019, players finishing on this leaderboard were also granted the option to give their extra packages to players of their choosing after the end of the event.

Daily Leaderboard

Starting in 2018, a daily leaderboard was added to the gifting interface that displays the top 15 gifters in a day. The first place gifter at the end of the day receives the Secret Package and one tier on the Daily Gift Leader achievement. The top five places or anyone who gives 15000 or more gifts receive the Silver Secret Package.

Gift Claiming Achievements

Gift Claiming Achievements
Achievement Year
Yeti for the Holidays 2014
Yeti for Winter 2015 2015
Yeti for Winter 2016 2016
Yeti for Winter 2017 2017
Yeti for Winter 2018 2018
Yeti for Winter 2019 2019
Yeti for Winter 2020 2020
Yeti for Winter 2021 2021

Gift Giving Achievements

Gift Giving Achievements
Achievement Year
Good Gifter 2014
Good Gifter 2015 2015
Good Gifter 2016 2016
Good Gifter 2017 2017
Good Gifter 2018 2018
Daily Gift Leader Lvl 1 (2018) 2018
Gifting Streak (2018) 2018
Million Gifter 2018 2018
Good Gifter 2019 2019
Daily Gift Leader Lvl 1 (2019) 2019
Gifting Streak (2019) 2019
Good Gifter 2020 2020
Daily Gift Leader Lvl 1 (2020) 2020
Gifting Streak (2020) 2020
Million Gifter 2020 2020
Good Gifter 2021 2021
Daily Gift Leader Lvl 1 (2021) 2021
Gifting Streak (2021) 2021
Million Gifter 2021 2021

Yearly Leaderboard Rewards

Yearly Leaderboard Rewards
Item Minimum Position on the Leaderboard to Receive the Reward Year
Titan's Alpha Maul, Titan's Alpha Daggers, Titan's Alpha Staff, Titan's Alpha Blade, Titan's Alpha Blaster 1 2014
Golden Polar Bear 10 2014
Nightwraith's Alpha Maul, Nightwraith's Alpha Daggers, Nightwraith's Alpha Staff, Nightwraith's Alpha Blade, Nightwraith's Alpha Blaster 1 2015
Platinum Polar Bear 10 2015
Nightwraith's Founder Armor 1 2016
Platinum Battle Yeti 10 2016
Nightwraith's Gamma Bike, Nightwraith's Gamma Bot 1 2017
Cosmic Battle Yeti 10 2017
Epic Wish, completely custom item with 20 prize code replicas 1 2018
Epic Wish 15 2018
Epic Wish (custom version of any existing item), completely custom item with 20 prize code replicas 1 2019
Epic Wish (custom version of any existing item) 15 2019
Epic Wish (custom version of any existing item), completely custom item with 20 prize code replicas 1 2020
Epic Wish (custom version of any existing item) 15 2020
Epic Wish (custom version of any existing item), completely custom item 1 2021
Epic Wish (custom version of any existing item) 15 2021

Daily Leaderboard Rewards

Daily Leaderboard Rewards
Item Minimum Position on the Leaderboard to Receive the Reward Year
Secret Package (2018) (Frozen Dage's Apocalypse P, Frozen Dage's Apocalypse E, Thawed Dage's Apocalypse P, Thawed Dage's Apocalypse E, Caped Omega Wolf Warrior CC) 1 2018
Silver Secret Package (2018) (Frozen Dage's Desolation E, Frozen Dage's Desolation P, Omega Wolf Mutation) 5 2018
Secret Package (2019) (Omega Disintegrator E, Omega Disintegrator P, Omega Dominator E, Omega Dominator P, Omega Frostbike, Omega Frostbike CC, Omega Wolf Warrior, Omega Wolf Warrior CC) 1 2019
Silver Secret Package (2019) (Avatar of Nightwraith E, Avatar of Nightwraith P, Armored Omega Wolf Mutation) 5 2019
Secret Package (2020) (Draconic Frost King Armor, Draconic Frost King no Flame, Draconic Frost King non CC, Winged Draconic Frost King, Winged Frost King no Flame, Winged Frost King non CC, Draconic Frost Kingslayer E, Draconic Frost Kingslayer P, Draconic Frost King Blaster E, Draconic Frost King Blaster P, Draconic Frost King Bow E, Draconic Frost King Bow P) 1 2020
Silver Secret Package (2020) (Draconic Frost King E, Draconic Frost King P) 5 2020
Secret Package (2021) 1 2021
Silver Secret Package (2021) 5 2021

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