Mindful Mage

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Mindful Mage
Permanent Mission
Avatar Sekk.png
Location: Sekk (Biological Preserve)
Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 10 times:
City Guard
Desert Guard
Exile Soldier
Heavy Guard
Shadow Guard
Reward: 100 Credits
Mission Chain: Mages Only
Mindful Mage > Boom! > Rage and Grace > Science and Magic > Imagination
Class: Mage
Mission Text
Before Completion
Greetings, Mage. I am glad to lead you through this brief voyage of self-discovery. However, there are some tasks I need you to complete for me first. My precious magical and medicinal herbs are threatened by the continued presence of combatants, both from the Exiles and the Legion. Defeat 10 Guards or Exile Soldiers, and I will send you on the next stop on your journey.
After Completion
I feel safer already! Or maybe that's just the pharmacological effect of my charges. For the next leg of your journey, you will need to venture to the frozen Northlands and visit the Krampus technician.