Sweet Teeth

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Sweet Teeth
Permanent Mission
Avatar Cinderella.png
Location: Cinderella (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 5 Hank's Cakes.
Reward: Bio Blade
Mission Chain: Guilded Guns
Cleanup > Sweet Teeth > Naptime! > Restock > Golden Gun Gal
Mission Text
Before Completion
The Bio Hazards aren't mean...just very hungry. A heavy dose of calories is just what these beasties need to calm down.

Hank in Fortune City is a mediocre businessman, but a great baker. Bring back 5 of his marvelous confections and claim your reward!
After Completion
See? They're not so bad once they're well fed. Just be careful you don't spill any frosting on yourself or they might get a bit…aggressive.

That's all I need for now, but I've intercepted some transmissions from the Junker 2.0 in the Mines. See what he needs so I don't have to hear his chatter anymore.