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Tournaments are special events that offer rare achievements and prizes depending on a player's position on a point-based PvP leaderboard. Every Tournament has a unique theme!


The Tyrant's Trial Ticket

To enroll in a tournament, players must purchase a ticket using Varium through the Tournament Status menu. A list of all NPCs that have the Tournament Status and Tournament Rules service can be found here. Although every tournament thus far has featured a different NPC to host the event, it does not make a difference which NPC you use to access the tournament. The ticket is an achievement that will track points progress once the tournament begins.

During the enrollment period, you can check the Tournament Status menu to see the time remaining before the tournament begins. Once the tournament starts, it will show the time remaining before it ends. You are still able to purchase a ticket up until the tournament ends, so it's never too late to join!


During the tournament, players earn points for every PvP battle that they win. The point distribution is subject to change from tournament to tournament to create balance between the battle modes or to favor particular battle modes over others.

  • During The Tyrant's Trial Tournament, 1v1 victories counted for 8 points, 2v2 victories counted for 15 points and Juggernaut victories counted for 5 points.
  • During the Cosmic Carnage Tournament, 2v2 victories were buffed to 24 points and Juggernaut victories were nerfed to 2 points.
  • During the Hunters' Festival Tournament, 1v1 victories were counted for 5 points, 2v2 victories counted for 10 points, and Juggernaut victories counted for 1 point.

A player's total score at the conclusion of the Tournament determines their ranking. A leaderboard showing the top 50 players with the highest scores can be checked from the Tournament Status menu.


The Tyrant's Trial Prize Tiers

The top 50 players on the leaderboard receive a rare achievement and prizes based on their final rank. Tournament ranking tiers are as follows:

  • Ranks 50-26: Bronze Tier
  • Ranks 25-11: Silver Tier
  • Ranks 10-2: Gold Tier
  • Rank 1: Platinum Tier

Higher tiers will earn all prizes from lower tiers except the achievements (i.e. Platinum tier will receive Platinum prizes as well as Gold, Silver, and Bronze.) There may also be a prize given to all participants regardless of their tournament score.

Tournament Summary

Tournament Summary
Tournament Date Enrollment Prizes
The Tyrant's Trial 12:00 P.M. April 16 -
12:00 A.M. May 3, 2021
The Tyrant's Trial Ticket
Tyrant Totem (Fortune City)
The Tyrant's Trial Platinum
Alydriah's Armor, Alydriah's Avarice CC P, Alydriah's Avarice CC E, Hairstyle 330
The Tyrant's Trial Gold
Alydriah's Arsenal P, Alydriah's Arsenal E
The Tyrant's Trial Silver
Alydriah's Arbiter P, Alydriah's Arbiter E, Alydriah's Annihilator P, Alydriah's Annihilator E, Alydriah's Acolyte CC
The Tyrant's Trial Bronze
Alydriah's Avarice P, Alydriah's Avarice E
Alydriah's Acolyte
Cosmic Carnage 6:00 P.M. October 15 -
12:00 A.M. October 25, 2021
Cosmic Carnage Ticket
The Endless (Frysteland)
Cosmic Carnage Platinum
Ascended Cosmic Eviscerator, Ascended Cosmic Eviscerator CC, Cosmic Eviscerator Scythe P CC, Cosmic Eviscerator Scythe E CC, Cosmic Eviscerator Bike CC, The Endless Bank, Cosmic Carnage Platinum (Home Item), Hairstyle 350
Cosmic Carnage Gold
Cosmic Destroyer P, Cosmic Destroyer E, Cosmic Eviscerator Sword P, Cosmic Eviscerator Sword E
Cosmic Carnage Silver
Cosmic Eviscerator Armor CC, Cosmic Eviscerator Magnum P, Cosmic Eviscerator Magnum E, Cosmic Eviscerator Cannon P, Cosmic Eviscerator Cannon E
Cosmic Carnage Bronze
Cosmic Eviscerator Armor, Cosmic Eviscerator Scythe P, Cosmic Eviscerator Scythe E
Cosmic Eviscerator Pistol P, Cosmic Eviscerator Pistol E, Cosmic Eviscerator Rifle P, Cosmic Eviscerator Rifle E, Cosmic Eviscerator Bike
Hunters' Festival 6:00 P.M. May 20 -
4:00 P.M. May 27, 2022
Hunters' Festival Ticket
Slayer (Barrens Outpost)
Hunters' Festival Platinum
Apocryphal Regal Demigod A, Apocryphal Regal Demigod A CC, Apocryphal Regal Demigod B, Apocryphal Regal Demigod B CC, Apocryphal Demigod Destroyer P, Apocryphal Demigod Destroyer E, Apocryphal Eradicator Bow P, Apocryphal Eradicator Bow E, Blood Demigod Bike CC
Hunters' Festival Gold
Apocryphal Demigod A, Apocryphal Demigod A CC, Apocryphal Demigod B, Apocryphal Demigod B CC, Blood Demigod Claymore P, Blood Demigod Claymore P, Apocryphal Champion, Apocryphal Demigod
Hunters' Festival Silver
Apocryphal Champion C, Apocryphal Champion C CC, Apocryphal Demigod Dominator P, Apocryphal Demigod Dominator E
Hunters' Festival Bronze
Apocryphal Champion B, Apocryphal Champion B CC, Apocryphal Demigod Striker P, Apocryphal Demigod Striker E, Apocryphal Obliterator P, Apocryphal Obliterator E, Apocryphal Beast
Apocryphal Champion A, Apocryphal Champion A CC, Apocryphal Demigod Sword P, Apocryphal Demigod Sword E, Apocryphal Cleaver P, Apocryphal Cleaver E, Apocryphal Eradicator Sword P, Apocryphal Eradicator Sword E, Apocryphal Demigod Slayer P, Apocryphal Demigod Slayer E, Apocryphal Eradicator Katana P, Apocryphal Eradicator Katana E, Apocryphal Demigod Handgun P, Apocryphal Demigod Handgun E, Apocryphal Eradicator Gun P, Apocryphal Eradicator Gun E, Blood Demigod Bike