All Hail the Pumpking

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All Hail the Pumpking
Event Mission
Avatar Xraal.png
Location: Xraal (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Nightmare Pumpkin Lord once.
Reward: Gourd Be Gone
Mission Chain: Gourd Gone Wild
Bio Guard Guidance > Waste Reduction > Teething on Toxins > Quarantine Zone > Perilous Pacifier > Sinister Sample > Sugar...Water > Balanced Diet (Gourdy) > Gourd Gorging > Cutest Clipping > Pumpkin Lord Rises > All Hail the Pumpking
Mission Text
Before Completion
As I feared, the blood and chaos of your battle only strengthened this anomaly. I need you to summon all your courage, and your most trusted ally, to challenge and defeat the Nightmare Pumpkin Lord!
After Completion
The Biological Preserve will need time to adapt to this new life form's influence. I will continue to study this.