Gourd Gone Wild

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Gourd Gone Wild
Mission Name Starts From Objective Reward
Bio Guard Guidance Xraal (Biodome) Challenge - NPC 1500 Credits
Waste Reduction Xraal (Biodome) Item Turn-In 5000 Credits
Teething on Toxins Cinderella (Biodome) Item Turn-In 2000 Credits
Quarantine Zone Cinderella (Biodome) PvP - Any 10000 Credits
Perilous Pacifier Cinderella (Biodome) Item Turn-In 5000 Credits
Sinister Sample Xraal (Biodome) Scavenger Hunt 2500 Credits
Sugar...Water Gourdy (Biodome) Item Turn-In 3500 Credits
Balanced Diet Gourdy (Biodome) Item Turn-In 10000 Credits
Gourd Gorging Gourdy (Biodome) PvP - Any 25000 Credits
Cutest Clipping Xraal (Biodome) Scavenger Hunt 2500 Credits
Pumpkin Lord Rises Xraal (Biodome) Challenge - NPC 50000 Credits
All Hail the Pumpking Xraal (Biodome) Challenge - NPC Gourd Be Gone