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Class-icon-mercenary.png Base Stats

Health: 550
Energy: 540

Strength: 23
Dexterity: 19
Technology: 18
Support: 20

Default Weapon: Basic Club
Class Specific Weapon: Clubs

MercenaryM.png MercenaryF.png

Mercenaries are a strong yet strategic class, most effective with melee weapons.

Skills like Hybrid Armor give them enhanced protection from all forms of damage while Maul and Bunker Buster allow them to break their opponents' defenses with ease.

Mercenaries can also call in airstrikes and satellite lasers to finish their foes from afar.


Delta V was once a beacon for prosperity in the uncharted galaxies of space. During this brief and bright "golden age", space-faring peoples flocked from the stars to work for a man who promised a future of wealth and well-being. It was an interstellar gold-rush and travelers with dollar signs glistening in their eyes arrived in the thousands, daily, to work in Baelius' mines. The labor force on Delta V grew at an alarming rate, and maintaining order was a difficult task. As strikes and riots occurred more and more frequently due to the poor treatment of the Varium miners and freighter crews, Baelius closed his fist tighter to regain control. Instead of shepherding his flock, he scattered them. When the War finally exploded across the surface of Delta V, the laborers chose their sides and became an unlikely army of organized colonists. Utilizing the magnificent array of re-appropriated equipment at their disposal, these workers found themselves in control of trillions of dollars worth of machinery that served just as well in the role of war as it had in the role of excavation. The War was disastrous for Baelius. His armada of invaluable mining machinery was pitted against itself on the field of battle, each machine facing off against another. The destruction was catastrophic. Thus, the banishment put a stop to the melee and an end to the bright and prosperous future of the laborers of Delta V's Varium mining industry. When they finally returned from exile, the War had not ended for the slighted ex-miners. These people had families, friends, goals... no more. The world had changed in their absence and they had lost everything but their will to fight and the keys to the machines they had refitted for the battlefield. Mercenaries all, they do the jobs that come their way. Sure, they still use the skills for which they were most valued before the war, but now it would seem, in a post-War Delta V, fighting is what pays the bills. Is that a mining laser, or an anatomy rearranger? Just ask a Mercenary.


Story written by BigTuna

Skill Tree

Field Medic
Double Strike
Hybrid Armor
Blood Commander
Bunker Buster
Artillery Strike
Surgical Strike
Static Smash

Removed Skills

AdrenalineRush.png Adrenaline Rush
Strike an enemy and gain a percentage of your maximum Rage.
HybridArmor.png Hybrid Armor (Active)
Increases Defense & Resistance for 4 turns. This skill is unaffected by stat changes.
Starting Classes Tech Mage - Bounty Hunter - Mercenary
Evolved Classes Blood Mage - Cyber Hunter - Tactical Mercenary